Clermont Coffee Sails into their Third Year!

Clermont Coffee Sails into their Third Year!

We’re very pleased to say that Clermont Coffee Roasting Company is going into it’s third year! It’s been a fun process and last year, 2022 was a huge year for learning. We learned what works and what doesn’t work. We learned what we can do better and what we’ll do differently. It was a fun-filled year and a hard working year.

We look forward to more Farmers Markets and Events this season ahead. We enjoy meeting so many different people, other coffee lovers and sharing the coffee roasting process. We like to explain the difference in the origins of coffee that we offer and to have people sample them to see what their favorite is.  

We’ve appreciated the strong local support and the online support! Thank you. We’ve appreciated the support from our many accounts throughout the Hudson Valley and look forward to taking on more specialty accounts.  

We’ve definitely appreciated meeting so many wonderful people along the journey of coffee.

Warmly Jill and David

Clermont Coffee Roasting Company