JULY 2023
I’m drinking your coffee
In heaven
I love it so much
I’ve had so many local coffees that people say is so good and it just doesn’t compare. I think it’s all the love in yours.
Copake, NY

JULY 2023
Omg! I just had my first sip of my first cup of Clermont coffee. EXQUISITE. I think it is the best first few sips of a cup of coffee I’ve ever had!!!
Petaluma, CA

JULY 2023

After years of seeking a coffee that gives you the taste and flavor of a “special brew”, Clermont sails in!  Hand roasted gourmet beans, sustainably sourced from around the world is sure to delight and surprise the most sophisticated coffee lover. I love Clermont!

Irma Worrell Fisher
New York City

JULY 2023
One of my favorite times of day is in the early morning. The first sip of coffee is the best, and brings hope and possibility to the day.

Clermont is more than just coffee. Thank you for the inspiration!

New Jersey

JUNE 2023
Good morning! We continue sharing news (and cups and beans) of Clermont (Indonesian blend) with friends and family! Hence the need for more! Thank you.

New York, NY

JUNE 2023
My new favorite wake up in a cup!!  Jennifer Lawson, owner Yogamat Tivoli 

JUNE 2023
I like to eat local foods as much as possible, and while coffee doesn’t grow around here, I love knowing the beans for my morning coffee have been hand selected, roasted and packed by Hudson Valley community members David and Jill.  The care they put into their coffee shows.  My favorite, the Tanzania, is bold and smooth, never bitter, and always roasted perfectly.  It’s part of my morning ritual; I’ve gifted it to friends who now can drink nothing else; and for conferences and workshops I’ve ensured guests have Weekender bags to keep them going!  

Berkshires, MA

JUNE 2023
Found your coffee at the Philmont Coop, the Indonesia Sumatra. Could it be the best coffee I have ever tasted or consumed? I think so. Outrageous and I fancy myself a coffee guy. Thank you. We’ll be ordering. We bought a 12 oz bag and 4 smaller to give away in county. Kudos.


JUNE 2023
Love, love, love the coffee I have been buying coffee in Albany for years, most of it fair trade, but now that I’m retired that’s inconvenient. We found your coffee at a little farmstand and love it! I have purchased by mail twice and the delivery and coffee quality are both wonderful.

Thank you for my little card each time also.

Schoharie, NY

APRIL 2023
Good morning, 

My wife and I took a little road trip a week ago and visited the Grimaldi Farm Store in Ghent. We decided to buy some of your coffee.  What a pleasant surprise. 

Your Tanzia coffee is fantastic. The full body bold flavor is what we look for in a cup of coffee. We are hard core coffee drinkers ☕☕☕.  Please don’t change a thing.  

My wife recently mail ordered 6+lbs from you.  We will definitely be ordering more. If you have a mailing list or run specials, please let us know. 

All the best to you,

Schoharie, NY

MARCH 2023
We (Thomas and I) love your coffee! We had the Indonesia and Tanzania this morning — they are both excellent. We used to drink Catskill Mountain Coffee (we made our own blend of 3 of their dark roasts) and when they went out of business – we’ve been drinking Monkey Joe’s Espresso blend and a french roast from Indigo. We like those, but we both think your coffee is even better! It’s really, really good. I usually put sugar in my coffee (Thomas makes fun of me ruining coffee by putting sugar in it) – but I just had my second cup of the Indonesia without sugar because I didn’t want to cover up the flavors. Thank you both again!

Woodstock, NY

MAY 2021

I LOVED your coffee!!! Sorry it took me so long to let you know. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to getting some more from Migliorelli’s!!  Thank you so much, again, I so appreciate it!!! I hope both of you are doing fantastic!!

APRIL 2021
Delicious. Thank You!


APRIL 2021
So I am 100% cream and sugar in my coffee kind of guy. I just made a cup of the Indonesia coffee and it is delicious! I drink half a cup black and the other cup that I drank I put cream and sugar and those flavors shine right through the cream and sugar. I am very impressed. It is delicious!

APRIL 2021
Hi! We are so glad to be carrying your coffee in the shop. I tried the sample you gave us and it was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! So smooth! We definitely have space for you at the market. We are finalizing this year’s application and will be sending it out soon so I’ll put you on the list to receive it! I’m happy you want to vend there. You will be a great addition!

Marshmeadow Farm
Germantown, NY

APRIL 2021
This is a coffee report!  I like a deep roast and this coffee was perfect.  Had a wonderful aroma while grinding, and a rich flavor with good body and no bitter aftertaste (I drink my coffee with hot, foamed almond milk).  One area that was challenging was the packaging.  The bag was hard to open and I ended up ripping the packaging, so now the beans reside safely in another container.  Felt like the glue was too strong.  But overall, congratulations on a great product!

B.K. Germantown, NY