Our products are available in three sizes: 6oz, 12oz and 5lb.

The 6oz bag is a perfect size if you’d like to sample our different origins. It is also the perfect size for your weekend travels, to take along with you for that staycation somewhere. The 12oz bag is an ideal size to have in the kitchen for your daily, weekly, fresh coffee bean supply. In addition, we offer the 5lb bag for our heavy coffee drinking lovers. The 5lb bag is also perfect for our corporate coffee lovers to have on hand to supply to their office and visiting clients and guests.

The “Weekender” - The “Weekender” bag was designed especially for our clients who own Farm Stands and service those short weekender guests. The Weekender is the perfect amount of delicious coffee for guests who are staying just for a night or two in our beautiful Hudson Valley Community. The “Weekender” is also a great way to sample Clermont Coffee’s offerings to pick the origin or blend that best suits your individual taste. Enjoy!